What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness has many definitions but one I like to use with kids is, “paying attention to what is happening right here, right now, with kindness and curiosity.”  


How is learning mindfulness helpful to our family?

Practicing mindfulness helps kids and their parents gain insight into what is happening within and around them, how to attend to each moment of their lives more fully while releasing unhealthy thought patterns, how to understand others’ perspectives while practicing empathy and compassion, and other skills that can lead to more fulfilling lives and relationships.  Mindfulness has been linked to the development of attention skills, stress reduction, emotional regulation, and kindness.  


How can I incorporate mindfulness into daily family life?

Kids actually learn mindfulness best when it is incorporated through lots of small moments.  Through mindfulness groups, we will work together to come up with lots of simple ways to bring mindfulness into your life without overwhelming family members.

 Here are some easy examples:

  • Talking about something positive that happened today or what you are thankful for

  • Taking a few deep breaths to settle yourself before starting your day

  • Enjoying the smell and sight of a beautiful flower 

  • Playing “I Spy” to teach children how to focus their visual attention

  • Imagining a soothing light shining on each part of your body as you purposefully relax them

  • Imagining how another person may be feeling

Have any other questions?  Please feel free to contact me!

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